Babymanque is Max Lakner and Leah Hennessey & Trevor Boley. We've put together some collections of our work so you can see them, as well as information about out magazine FAKEHEAD. If you have any questions about what we do, or would like to work with us in any capacity, please get in touch with us. or

or you could call us! Leah doesn't usually have a phone, but when she does it's 646 912 3990, and Max is 862 576 1953





Our PICTURES for Daryl K from the past year. . Resort 2012: NY Mag,



Two music videos we made:


Our fashion editorial in Paper Magazine:


See more of the PICTURES from the shoot, that didn't make it to the magazine.


We put Max's brother in here for this picture of a sweater:


Three album covers:


more pictures of the dolls.




juicy invite

We won this Juicy/Paper competition and had a show at the Juicy boutique. This was the invitation to the opening. If you got one you could have come.

Here are some pictures from the opening, from Paper Magazine.




-The Office in The Last Magazine

These guys showed up one day while we were "working" and they put us in their magazine:

last magazine

Here's what that text said:




- There's an interview of us by our lovely friend Ziggie on